Coaching Diary
There are plenty of opportunities to sample Jim's coaching skills all year round; whether to have a go for the first time, to get yourself blasting around and feeling great, or to hone and fine-tune existing skills, Jimbo is there for you both in the UK and abroad...

Coaching in the UK

The Watersports Academy (Poole)
4 June (Inter/Adv)
OTC UK (Weymouth) 11 June (Inter/Adv)
Trent Windsurfing Club
30 June - 1 July (Improv/Inter/Adv)
Clyde Windsurfing Club 13 - 14 August (Improv/Inter/Adv)
2 September (Improv/Inter/Adv)
National Windsurfing Festival (Hayling)
7 - 9 Sept (All Welcome!)
Minnis Bay TBC (Inter/Adv)
Notts County SC TBC (Improv/Inter/Adv)
Bough Beech SC TBC (Improv/Inter/Adv)
Hunstanton TBC (Improv/Inter/Adv)
West Wittering TBC (Inter/Adv/Wave)



Coaching Abroad

Donegal (Magheroarty) 19 - 25 Sept (Adv/Wave)
El Tur, Egypt (Oceansource) TBC (Inter/Adv)
Dahab, Egypt (Harry Nass) TBC (Inter/Adv)
Moulay, Morocco TBC (Adv/Wave)
Tenerife, Canaries (The OTC) TBC (Inter/Adv)
Vassiliki, Greece (Club Vass) TBC (Improv/Inter/Adv)


For details on any of the above please contact Jim