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This page is for feedback from recent students, guests and friends.

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Windsurf Coaching in the UK

Hunstanton -

"Many thanks for a great 2 days tuition @ non sunny or windy Hunstanton. Just brilliant that you can keep us all so focused with such crap conditions!"
(Ros Vincent  & Bill Castle)

"Many thanks again Jim for a superb course last weekend" (Richard Hellawell)

"Jim, Many thanks for the excellent course on Saturday and Sunday. Having been off the board for almost as long as you have been alive it was great just to have the basics explained so simply and to then put this into practice."
(Rob Garnett)

"Had a jolly good time wind notwithstanding and that seems to be from everybody i spoke to as well as myself. Plenty of things to think about in the near future and was impressed with the instruction and the clarity." (Russ Toadhall)

"Thanks again Jim for a brilliant weekend, we both have come away with so much we can work on." (Richard & Sarah Drummond)

Minnis Bay -

"I would just like to say I was impressed with your style of coaching yesterday and think your methods of KISS are excellent." (Ian Lycett)

Rye Watersports -

"Just a quick email to say thanks for the coaching session at Rye water sports. Despite the lack of wind I found the day really useful and wanted to say thank-you. I was so keen I spent all day on Sunday practicing turning and can say I am addicted to windsurfing and loving every moment on the water....." (Amanda Neely)

Hayling Island -

"What a difference, to be tutored by a true windsurf teaching professional.  Your dedication to helping us improve and to get as much out of the day as possible made the learning experience all the more memorable and rewarding.  Thanks for an outstanding day’s tuition and entertainment. We will definitely be back again once we’ve mastered all that you taught us."
(Andy Rosenthal & Nick Hawkes)

West Wittering -

"Just to say thanks for a great course yesterday - everyone enjoyed it despite the cold!" (Chris Bishop)

Shetland Islands -

"Just wanted to say I enjoyed the windsurfing tuition again this year in Shetland." (Andy Mcalpine)

Ski Coaching

Pila, Italy (Race Coaching Course)

"Once again - a big thank you for the training week, you are excellent and helped me to change my performance."
(David Fox)

"I never thought I would be interested in racing.  It's all down to you!  I don't know how you managed to stay on your feet, let alone give us such a marvelous week." (Mary McMichael)

"I passed the avms test gs by 6 seconds, clare also passed from the group.  Thank you once again for a great week."
(Peter Thornton)

Windsurf Coaching abroad

Magheroarty, Co Donegal, Republic Of Ireland -

"Having just completed a weeks wave-sailing course with Jim in Co Donegal I must share my enthusiasm for Jim's ability to communicate. Jim has a unique ability to reduce quite complicated concepts to "bite-size" digestible comprehensible units. Hence when you go onto the water to apply the instruction your mind is not hit by a blind panic of "what now". Usually I was able to focus on the one or two points which were appropriate to what I was doing and have a better chance of success than otherwise. In coaching terms this must class Jim as a genius. Many thanks again Jim for your guidance and enthusiasm." (P. Campbell)

"Jim thanks for a great week in Donegal. Even thought the wind didn't always play ball you kept us on our toes. I can honestly say I learnt something new everyday." (Bill McCartney)

"Just to say thank you so much for your patience and excellent tuition last week. Your coaching technique is superb. Its easy to understand and follow and made learning the carve gybe both pleasurable and successful!" (Richard Hope-Hawkins)

El Tur, Egypt -

"Thank you for a fantastic weeks windsurfing in Egypt.  I had a great time sailing with you and learnt a huge amount about windsurfing." (Mark Tuthill)

"Once again, many thanks for your instruction which has transformed my sailing. The whole set up made for a very enjoyable week." (Richard Hellawell)

"Having completed a week-long clinic with Jim in El Tur, I can highly recommend Jim’s coaching. Everyone in the group made real progress, cracking carve gybes and duck gybes by the end of the week. Jim has a “keep it simple” approach, which is combined with personal attention to detail on and off the water and through video analysis. Although Jim is very encouraging, he is relaxed about how much you do. However, most people took advantage of the 9 hour day he worked to give us the very best." (David Hare)

"I’m writing to review your week’s training of me in El Tur, Egypt. I found your training excellent, really clear & concise. You broke down each move into basic steps around which everything else just flowed into place. Too often instructors give several points to remember whilst learning a move, all of which tend to either be forgotten or remembered in the wrong order as one planes into a gybe for example. This causes confusion and frustration & slows the learning process. Your method is so simple by comparison as any idiot can remember one thing. I was pretty amazed to see my group performing new moves in less than half a day from you demonstrating how." (Annette Lees)

Prasonisi, Rhodes -

"I feel like i haven't thanked you properly for the fab week of coaching from you, I learnt more from you in one week that I have done in 4 years. so thank you." (Phobee Morgan)

Dahab, Egypt -

"Back home from Dahab I felt I must write to say how much I enjoyed and profited from the '2007 Windsurf Academy'. A good group of people and your instruction was super. Even when there was not much wind you found interesting and useful things to teach us.
What I really liked about your instruction was how you concentrate on a few basic themes that are fundamental to many windsurfing skills. I found that this emphasis on basics helped me to analyse my sailing, enabling me to see where I was making mistakes and thus showed what I should change to improve. Many thanks Jim." (Cliff Franklin)

"If like me you have reached a level in your windsurfing beyond which you can't seem to pass then the person to push you to the next level and beyond is most certainly Jim.  Having had three years worth of people giving me tips and advice on how I should commit to the harness and how to water-start I managed to listen to everyone and achieve nothing.  Jim cared enough to work out how I learnt, what made me tick and how I reacted to situations.  With this knowledge he didn't just show me how to use my harness but rather made me want to hook in at every opportunity as he helped me feel the advantage of it and gave me the self-confidence that I knew how to get the maximum benefit from it.  He didn't just show me how to water-start but made me understand how to use the wind to fly the sail which with technique, timing and momentum would get me up out of the water and back on my board.  When you team such insight and dedication beyond the call of duty into your instructor I defy anyone not to be in self awe of their own improvement after only a week in his company." (Ruth Jones) 

"The tuition was superb and I would definitely train with you again - enjoyed your friendship too!" (Paul Wilkins)