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windsurfevolution - published articles and training guides

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Fluid Foundations - Beach start & Water startWindsurf magazine  October '08 read
Fluid Foundations - Getting PlaningWindsurf magazine  May '06 read
Fluid Foundations - GybingWindsurf magazine  October '08 read
Fluid Foundations - HarnessingWindsurf magazine  June '0 read
Fluid Foundations - TackingWindsurf magazine  September '08 read
Fluid Foundations - footstrapsWindsurf magazine  July '08 read
Fluid Foundations-StanceWindsurf magazine  August '08 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt1Windsurf magazine  February '09 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt2Windsurf magazine  March '09 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt3Windsurf magazine  April '09 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt4Windsurf magazine  May '09 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt5Windsurf magazine  June '09 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt6Windsurf magazine  July '09 read
Freestyle 4 EveryonePt7Windsurf magazine  August '09 read
Freestyle 4 Everyone Pt8Windsurf magazine  September '09 read
Using Slalom KitWindsurf magazine  May '06 read
KISS - Episode 1Windsurf magazine  March '07 read
KISS - Episode 2 (Shrunk)Windsurf magazine  April '07 read
KISS - Episode 3Windsurf magazine  May '07 read
KISS - Episode 4Windsurf magazine  June '07 read
KISS - Episode 5Windsurf magazine  July '07 read
KISS - Episode 6Windsurf magazine  August '07 read
Marginal manoeuvring - Part 1bWindsurf magazine  April '06 read
Marginal manoeuvring - Part 2bWindsurf magazine  August '06 read
Marginal manoeuvring - Part 3bWindsurf magazine  September '06 read
Marginal manoeuvring - Part 4Windsurf magazine  October '06 read
Marginal manoeuvring - Part 5Windsurf magazine  January '07 read
"Stretch it Don't strain it"  Windsurf magazine read
"Stretch it not strain it"  Windsurf magazine read
Tech Spec - Boom heightWindsurf magazine  January '08 read
Tech Spec - FinsWindsurf magazine  September '07 read
Tech Spec - FootstrapsWindsurf magazine  October '07 read
Tech Spec - Harness set upWindsurf magazine  March '08 read
Tech Spec - MastfootWindsurf magazine  November '07 read
Top Tips-1Windsurf magazine  January '04 read
Top Tips-2bWindsurf magazine  April '05 read
Top Tips-3Windsurf magazine  June '05 read
Top Tips-4bWindsurf magazine  September '05 read
Top Tips-5bWindsurf magazine  November '05 read
Top Tips-6Windsurf magazine  April '06 read
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